Is it me or is this time of year more overwhelming than the lead up to Christmas!?

I have loved having Noah home over the school holidays but I’m feeling the full weight of not having ticked off all the things I wanted to accomplish both personally and in clinic over the Christmas break.

I am never really a big person for New Year Resolutions as I believe we make the changes we need to make when the time is right (without the pressure of “what if I break my New Year Resolution?” and all the guilt that comes along with it).  So, I’ve started my year very simply with just being more aware of my thoughts and how I react to certain situations.  It’s been really fascinating actually as I have caught myself thinking the odd negative thought or reacting to a situation in a way I would have normally not.  A while ago I read some wise advice to write down 5 things that you catch yourself thinking or doing that you would like to change, then on the same line, write a positive spin to that same thought or situation.  Sounds very simple but it is incredibly powerful and over time it will help to change your mindset.

The other thing I’ve been trialling is to challenge myself daily.  It might not always be with the same thing but it is pushing myself past those mental comfort zones that would otherwise be stopping me from truly reaching my goals.  For example instead of swimming another 100m, I swim another 300m.  Try a new vegetable or way of cooking instead of just sticking with what I know.   Making simple changes like these I believe is a really healthy way of approaching life without the baggage that I see undo most people when it comes to achieving the goals they want.  So, be kind to yourself and challenge yourself with something new and little every day.  Become aware of your self talk and approach life with gratitude for all that you have.  Self care is not a once off thing that I tick off my things to do list, but rather, is a life long pursuit that requires repetition and constant refining.  I know my only way for me to be my best is to look after my physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

My intention for you this year is for you to flourish not just function in life, so I thought I would share a few self care practices that I incorporate into my life.

Move :).  I make sure I find time every day to move my body – even if it is just to walk my dog Missy up and down the street.  It doesn’t have to be a major work out, you just need to move your body.
Be still. Now this was an interesting one for me as I’m constantly on the go.  I have really had to be disciplined with this one.  I like to sit outside and focus on the sounds around me.  Every time I find my mind wandering I acknowledge what I was thinking then take my focus back to sounds.  5 minutes is a great starting point here.
Do at least 1 thing everyday that makes me happy!
Get my dose of sunshine daily – 15 minutes gives me the boost I need.
Find time to read a novel – I find reading helps me to relax and be present.
Engage in regular acts of kindness – my soul blossoms when I do this.
Ask for help if I need it (this is something I am getting better at!)
Fill my body with nourishing foods and thoughts.

There are many ways to keep your mind, body and soul happy and healthy, but remember they take thought and scheduling.  Take time to plan your self-care.  If you need help incorporating ideas into your busy schedule, make an appointment, I’d be happy to help you in achieving your optimal health.

With school back so comes some routine again so many people are wanting to start a cleanse or engage properly in healthier habits.  As always I am happy to help you choose the best options for you.  I do have my 3, summer 7 day detoxes available for purchase on the website if you are after a quick reboot.  These detoxes are self guided and are a great option if you just need to fine-tune things for the new year.  I also offer more comprehensive detox options in clinic including a supplement free Microcurrent detox which is extremely effective and takes the worry out of having to remember to take your stuff!  The prices of the detoxes do vary so feel free to touch base to see which options are best for you.

I am also offering a Metabolic Balance® Special for the new year.  The first 6 people who purchase the program will receive complementary body composition readings with each of their appointments (7) – valued at $350!  Body composition is a great way to see how much muscle you have, fat, whether you have too much inflammation and so forth, so combining this with Metabolic Balance® is a wonderful way of reinforcing how our body changes for the better through the 3 month plan.

REMEMBER: Part time commitment will lead to part-time results. Regardless of what your goal is give it 100% 

I look forward to being apart of your healing journey.  Have a fabulous week!