When asked what Naturopathy is, I like to explain it as the combination of modern science and ancient wisdom to bring about the best treatment outcomes for the individual client.

As a Naturopath I have quite an extensive “tool kit” at my disposal.  This includes herbal medicine, nutrition and nutritional supplements, as well as flower essences to assist the body’s own healing processes.  My focus is on strengthening and supporting  the systems and organs involved in a condition to enable to the body to heal itself which means I also take dietary and  lifestyle habits into consideration.

Naturopathy can effectively treat the symptoms of many common ailments as well as treat the underlying problems responsible for such symptoms. It can release muscular tension, repair injury, relieve pain, balance hormones, strengthen immunity, stimulate circulation, improve digestion and detoxification, harmonise emotions, boost energy, and most importantly, maintain health. We practice within a holistic framework embracing the connection between the body’s function, structure, mind and spirit.

I will often use diagnostic tools such as iridology, nail and tongue  diagnosis, blood, urine, hair and saliva samples to help establish underlying causes of conditions. I encourage self-responsibility in health and help to  facilitate dietary and lifestyle modifications that are specific to each  individual’s needs and coach them through any issues that may arise.  Through patient education I work to prevent the manifestation of disease and happily work in conjunction with  other health professionals to provide a more holistic treatment.