Immune Health

We all know we need a strong immune system to fight infection, but there is becoming more recognition for the role of a healthy immune system in maintaining our overall health. More research is revealing a dysfunctional immune system plays an integral role in the development of chronic diseases such as depression, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation and ageing.

With every new epidemic, be it SARS, bird flu, swine flu or an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the conventional approach to preventing and treating infection is beginning to fail our communities. The hero antibiotics of yesteryear are being rendered next to useless by resistant organisms, with the cost and chared suva natural therapies (22)llenges of developing new antibiotic drugs ensuring that future prospects are bleak. The sad realisation is allergies in children have reached epidemic proportions with some authorities predicting rates of 100% in the future.

So you can see that strengthening your immune system is now more of a priority than it ever has been. Now is the time to build your immune systems before Winter firmly establishes itself, especially if you are someone who regularly catches colds, flus or generally feels unwell.

Our immune systems are one of the most complex systems and the intricacies of how it keeps us alive cannot be underestimated. One of the key principles in any health care regime is support the body so it can support itself. Wellness is a daily practice so here are a few simple tips on staying healthy and nourishing your immune system:

  • Cover your neck from cold winds
  • Keep your sinuses clean, Metagenics Nasoclear is great for helping with this as it contains antibacterial essentials oils to help kill of pathogens
  • Eat warm, nutritious, slowly cooked foods
  • Start each day with warm lemon and freshly grated ginger tea
  • Use essential oils around the house to cleanse and uplift, such as Purify oil.
  • Take immune boosting herbs and supplements such as AndroNK, Echinacea Premium, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to name a few. The effect on herbs and nutrients on our immune systems is quite profound, however it is vital to get the highest quality product and administer it at the appropriate dose. Having a robust immune system is essential but so is having the correct herbs and nutrients on hand to catch viruses early as a first line of defence. There is little that can be done for viruses once they take hold but there is a lot that can be done in the intial stages and as a preventative.
  • Book in for immune boosting Microcurrent treatments if you know you need that extra support