Nutrition, Diabetes and Weight Management

red suva natural therapies (34)Juanita is very passionate about nutrition and is of the firm belief that, where possible, let food be your medicine. We have been blessed to have a vast array of fresh produce at our fingertips and yet many of us opt for the faster, more refined, pre-packaged variety which are missing in vital nutrients. Food is nourishment for life so it is important to consume only the most wholesome, nutrient rich foods to be able to achieve and maintain optimal health. Everyone has heard the old addage you are what you eat and that is exactly right. Without providing your body with the highest quality foundations for it to function and heal it is unrealistic to expect good health. Unfortunately we can not always obtain everything from our diet. Circumstances such as poor soil quality, pesticides, genetics, chemical exposure, digestion, age, lifestyle factors and habits such as recreational drugs; smoking and alcohol have meant even with a pure organic diet we are still lacking in some essential nutrients and the management of this needs to be tailored to the individual. For this reason, where necessary, it is important to supplement to correct underlying nutritional deficiencies. There are many supplements available on the market however issues surround their purity, strength and efficacy so Juanita only prescribes the highest quality Practitioner Only nutritional supplementation to compliment dietary modification in correcting deficiency states all of which have been shown to be clinically effective.Weight Management at red Suva

The education of people to make easy, delicious, healthy and wholesome foods at home is an important part of Juanita’s treatment approach. A healthy diet should be nutrient dense and balanced in each food group. The more refined a product is, the less nutritional content it has, so for example it is optimal to eat wholegrains such as brown rice in preference to white rice. Where possible select organic produce to optimise nutritional value. The preparation and cooking of foods also has an important impact on the retention and uptake of nutrients. All of this information and more will be covered and individualised during your consultation.