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What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a holistic practitioner who prescribes herbal medicine, nutrition and flower essences to promote the body’s own healing processes. At Red Suva Natu
ral Therapies we focus on strengthening and supporting the systems and organs involved in a condition to enable to the body to heal itself. Naturopaths also focus on the underlying causes of disease, which includes dietary and lifestyle habits that may be contributing to the individual’s condition.


Consultations begin with a detailed case history; discussion of presenting complaints & then progress to assess a person’s history, family history; then a systematic review of the body systems. A patient may present with numerous complaints, however, the role of the Naturopath is to piece together each person’s jigsaw puzzle. Assessment also considers a person’s physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. If you have any prior blood test results or supplements you may currently be taking please bring these with you to the consultation.

How long will it take?

Treatment results vary depending on the individual and their presenting complaint. Some individuals obtain quick results whilst others take several months or longer. As a general rule, the longer you have been experiencing your complaint for, the longer you will require treatment.

Maintenance and supportive treatment

The second stage of treatment is where we focus on treating the underlying cause of your condition. Whilst your symptoms may have been alleviated, the objective is to ensure that we can eliminate the cause of your symptoms.

Initial treatment

This stage is typically where most people begin their naturopathic care. The primary focus in this stage is to reduce your symptoms and to stabilise your condition

Wellness treatment

This stage of treatment is where we have successfully eliminated your complaint and are able to offer you improved levels of health and wellbeing. Patients tend to seek treatment on an as needed basis (typically 1-2x/year) to ensure long-term health and wellbeing

Lifecycle treatment

In addition, patients seek treatment during important life cycle stages such as pregnancy, birth and labour, breastfeeding, puberty or palliative care.

Treatment support

Throughout your treatment you may be recommended various supplements, herbal medicines or other medicines. Liquid herbal medicines are formulated on the spot and contain a unique formulation. These medications are specific for your presentation and have been carefully selected for your individual requirements. Please be careful to not share your prescriptions with others.

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