I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of a sook when it comes to cooler weather.  I like to rug up and drink warming drinks which means I do have the tendency to not drink enough water.  There’s a few ways to get around this depending on what is going on for you.  If you are doing Metabolic Balance, we recommend only drinking water between meals so I would suggest in this case just sipping on warm water.  If you are wanting a drink with your meal then green or rooibos tea would be ideal.  Both black tea and coffee are diuretics which mean they are dehydrating and so don’t contribute to your overall water intake.  If you aren’t on a specific food plan, then there is a world of tasty teas that not only will give you that loving feeling, but will also contribute to your water intake and be therapeutic as well.  I love to make different blends for my clients from organic teas.  One of my favourite blends is my Hammock in a Teacup – the ultimate hug in a cup.  So if you are like me and struggle to hit your water quota in the cooler weather, reach out and I can make you your own herbal tea blend so you can start kicking your water intake goals.