Children’s Health

Where can I start?  Our kids are the most precious commodity…..

They are not just “little adults” where the same rules that apply to treating an adult apply.  Their bodies are much more complex and require a more refined approach that is suited to their needs.  It’s not a one size fits all box as many factors can influence your child’s growth and development and a big one of these is nutrition.  Genetics also play a role and although we might not be able to change these per say, we can certainly lessen the impact this has on their health.

At Red Suva we treat children from birth.  We can help you through each stage of your child’s growth addressing a wide variety of everyday ailments from colds, allergies, bed-wetting, skin conditions, emotional challenges, digestive issues (such as constipation), to fussy eating and more…

Our approach is simple.  Red Suva’s Happy Healthy Kids focus is based on diet, nutritional and herbal support where needed as well as education so you as parents are able to confidently implement our advice at home.


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August 26, 2014

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