Making a positive commitment to our health and wellbeing is a very big commitment many of us at one point in our life gets serious about.  There is an aspect of that commitment that I would like to explain that most people don’t think about or usually don’t know about.  This is your energy system and its part in the changes.

Weight loss is generally the starting point for most people.  Weight loss is a hard journey, taking its toll on our mind and our emotions.  It takes a lot of determination, drive and commitment.

What is your energy system and how does it fit into weight loss? 

All our experiences are stored in our energy.  How we feel, how we think, how we experience is all in the energetic memory of our energy systems.  When we go through weight loss we are not just losing body weight, we are also letting go of parts of our energy that we no-longer need.  This energy could represent our negative self-esteem, our negative experiences from childhood, literally anything that has contributed to the weight gain. That’s why we can have times where we put weight back on before we finally remove it forever, as we just aren’t fully ready to let everything go that is needing to go.

Most people aren’t aware of this part of themselves, but it’s a very important part of them that when addressed can help with the overall ease of moving forward smoothly on your weight loss journey.  By having your energy system balanced it helps your physical body with all the processing it is doing.  Put simply, balancing your energy will in turn help balance your body.  When you feel anger set in, this anger is stored in your energy and can be balanced. When you feel failure set in, this is stored in your energy and can be balanced.

An energy balance works on the mind, emotions and the body; after all, everything is connected.


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