So I’m gearing up to join my clients who are already doing Metabolic Balance.  It’s been really interesting hearing people’s response when I say what I’m doing.  No, I don’t need to lose weight…..that is a given, but “weight release” is just an added bonus of the Metabolic Balance program.

So what am I doing it for you may ask?  Simple!  I want to experience what it is like to be on Metabolic Balance.  My clients already on it are all on their own journeys and are positively glowing….I want some of that 🙂 ..  Don’t get me wrong, Metabolic Balance isn’t for everyone.  It is very disciplined,  but the results and research speak for themselves.   Metabolic Balance is not a fad diet.  It’s not a YoYo diet or some half caked idea cooked up to drastically reduce weight…it’s been extensively researched and has the results to prove it.   I want to be able to share my experience with others.  I am not perfect by any means….I love a good coffee and love my wine, but these do not define me and it is time they both had a “holiday”.

So, what am I hoping to gain from my experience?

  • Increased energy
  • reduced inflammation – especially in my gut!  I struggle with the reactivity of my gut to certain foods.  I know gluten is not my friend for sure but there are other foods that I can’t quite pin down which are causing me a lot of pain.
  • reset my metabolism (afterall it pains me to say……I am on the ……”other” side of 40 now)
  • and lastly I’d be lying if I didn’t want the added anti-ageing benefits that the program offers as well :)…Afterall, I am human!
  • oh and no strenuous exercise for the first 3 weeks means I still get results but gives my broken wrist just a little longer to heal before I hit the pool again 🙂

So I invite you to join me on my journey as I share my highs and lows doing Metabolic Balance.  I’m secretly excited but also a little scared but I know there’s that promise of what’s at the end of the rainbow and I know in my heart that will be my focus. xxx

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