As you know, recently I made the decision to do my own Metabolic Balance plan.  I realised that although I was healthy and fit, I could feel even better, reduce inflammation and possibly slow down the inevitable ageing process.  People have been mixed in their reactions when they hear what I am doing so I will explain my reasoning in more depth.  Metabolic Balance is not just about helping you to lose weight, it’s an individualised diet that is designed for YOU and only YOU.   If you don’t need to lose weight, you won’t, that’s the beauty of it.  The diet helps to reset the metabolism and hormonal signalling, something I think many of us need to reboot.  The program also has an impact on lowering inflammation, in particular inflammatory stress hormones such as cortisol that can cause so much damage in our bodies.   It’s almost like clicking a reset button to allow our bodies to heal on a much deeper level using food alone.  I know I eat extremely well but I also know some of the foods I eat cause me great gut pain and inflammation, but I’ve never been able to isolate the culprit.

I’m now finished Day 4 of my Metabolic Plan and feel fantastic!  I feel lighter, more energised and my gut is flatter which is a very clear sign to me that something is obviously working.  For now I’ve stopped my usual gut support so I can see just how following the foods given to me on my plan change how my body feels.

Another welcome side-effect has been a marked improvement in my sleep.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed such a deep sleep!  I am usually an extremely light sleeper and have been known on more than one occasion to wonder around the house at all hours because I can’t sleep, but since I’ve started MB, I’ve been the opposite.  Noah has woken me up a few times and I’ve gone straight back to sleep which is very unusual for me.  I must admit though I have been dreaming of my next culinary creation from my food plan but if that’s the worst part than I think I’m winning :).   I’m really excited to see where my MB journey takes me!  I know it’s only the beginning but I think it’s started out pretty well.

If you would like to know more about Metabolic Balance® call email me to organise a complementary chat.

​Metabolic balance® is more about finding the right foods to complement your body.  Remember, it is not just a weight loss diet but more-so weight “release” is a welcome side-effect of following the plan 🙂