We don’t always make the right choices or end up in the best situations, but sometimes I wonder if this is all part of our bigger plan. How else to really learn what we want and where we want to be than from first hand experience.

I started my healing journey not really knowing 100% where I was going or who I wished to become, but rather wanting to make a difference in a world that had been taken over by Big Pharma and the pure essence of healing and helping one another was all but lost. I vowed I would be authentic in my journey and heal according to how I believed people and life should be treated. There is no one way to heal our ails. No solitary path to health, but rather a collective approach integrating many ancient principles with the latest medical research to heal.

We are all unique, and this needs to be respected. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. In essence, my point is, to be unique, authentic and genuine as a practitioner is exceptionally difficult. There are ridiculous expectations and moulds we are meant to fill, as well as compete against well meaning souls with zero qualifications touting that they are the next big thing to cure all ills.

Conformity has never been my strength. I have spent more time outside classrooms and lecture halls for voicing my opinion than I care to give power to; but my point is very simple…just like you, I am unique. There is no one size fits all approach. Biochemistry, yes, I get it, but it is not the ultimate solution. I change my approach to healing according to each patient and their needs, not the latest trends or product releases, so if you are after a unique approach to getting your health back on track, then I might just be the person to help, but I will forewarn you….this is NOT my journey, but OURS, so if you are happy with that then let’s get started xx